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Shopify is one of the greatest eCommerce Web Development platforms businesses use to build their eCommerce stores. Web development platforms offer a wide range of functionalities for adding to your website to make it more user-friendly for your customers.

A report suggests that Shopify has more than 2.1 Million daily active users. Looking at these stats, it is clear that Shopify is popular among various businesses for building eCommerce stores.

But if you thought just having a website on Shopify would scale the business higher, then probably you’re wrong; if that were the case today, all of the businesses running online would Hire Shopify Developer, build up their eCommerce store and start earning millions and dollars online by just setting up their eCommerce store using Shopify.

There are various aspects that businesses have to take care of when they’re running their business online, and design is one of the most important aspects among them. A store’s design is an important factor that plays a vital role in the success of any business.

In order to do better online, businesses must ensure their web design is visually appealing. Having better Shopify Store Design Ideas makes design appealing and it is the best way a business can grab the attention of its customers. The importance of web design increases this way because hundreds of websites exist on the internet space, and having a unique web design is crucial.

When you’re using Shopify to develop your website, one of the best advantages of the platform is that it gives you the advantage of using free and paid pre-made templates for your online store.

Why Is Enhancing Your Store’s Design Important?

“The first impression is the last impression” haven’t you heard that? A lot of times, right?

The same applies when someone visiting your website for the first time thinks about your company, and this is not just us speaking about it; research also shows that first impressions of a website are 94% design-related.

Your website may tell your visitors a lot about you as a company whenever they visit it, so you need to take care of what you’re putting on it.

Choosing a great web design for your store will affect how customers perceive your overall brand and make your business stand out.

The importance of web design is not limited to this; the website’s visual design also influences the purchase decision of people purchasing online, per a report.

Well, this doesn’t mean that you don’t focus on the website’s usability aspect; a Statista report suggests that 60% of users on the internet consider website usability. Still, here we’re going to draw your attention more toward the design criteria of the website.

Keep reading as we show you different ways how you can enhance your store’s design.

Ways to Enhance Your Shopify Store’s Design

  1. Choose The Perfect Shopify Theme

    Perfect Shopify Theme

    Choosing a theme for a website is one of the most crucial things one must do for their website. It is considered the backbone of your eCommerce Web Development, and this will tell how your customer feels when they’re accessing your website and what is the overall user experience of the website. With Shopify, you can access tons of free and paid themes for your website.

    Although it is highly suggested to avoid using those templates if you want to have a unique website, using the premade templates can sometimes snatch away the competitor’s advantage from you as there are high chances that businesses out there will be using the premade templates the same as yours.

    You can get a customized theme for your business here – this will let you differentiate from the businesses that are using premade templates. A customized design will also let you properly communicate your brand voice to your audience.

    Let us now look towards some of the good Shopify themes with good website design and features that you can consider for your eCommerce web development:


    • Easy Navigation
    • Focused Search Menu
    • Rich Layout In White Space
    • Hover Effects for Instagram galleries
    • Multi-Column Menu
    • Mobile Friendly Design


    • Minimal UI
    • Pre Added Color Palettes And Styles
    • Clean Modern Layout
    • Free Theme Updates
    • Responsive Design
    • Best for Large Inventories
    • Integrated Social Media Icons


    • Visually Appealing Layout
    • Designed To Handle Large Images With Ease
    • Social Feed Integration
    • Customer Testimonials Display
    • Customizable Content Sections
    • Mobile Friendly Design
  2. Structuring The Menu Navigation

    There are times when we see websites with too many drop-down menu options that create confusion for the customer, which can affect the website’s visual appearance and result in high bounce rates.

    Good menu navigation will allow visitors to explore your website for longer, making them feel more confident about where they are and what your website offers.

    Your target audience can find what they’re looking for faster if your website has a minimal, modern, clean navigation structure and design.

    Highlighting the most important pages and sections on your website makes it easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for.

  3. Right Fonts For High Conversions

    Fonts are one of the important elements of web design. Choosing the right font for your business or brand is extremely important to evoke positive emotions while providing easy readability. In website design, the right fonts help maintain consistency and make the website look professional and aesthetically pleasing.

    • Legibility: While choosing fonts, you make sure that the font should be easy to read on the page. If you’re confused about which fonts to choose, you can use “Arial” fonts.
    • Readability: This includes the elements like size, color, word spacing, and lines. Break up long blocks of text with headlines and images and use high contrast, typically black letters on a white background.
    • Context – When you’re looking to sound professional with your content, you must avoid using calligraphy fonts to ensure you sound well and can be read well by your visitors.
  4. Mobile Friendly Web Design

    Most Internet users use their smartphones to access applications, social media, and websites. Therefore, as a business you should ensure that when you Hire Shopify Experts, you ask them to take care of the mobile-friendly element.

    If your website design is not optimized in such a way that when your visitor accesses the site, you could lose many clients.

    Today mobile devices are changing, and businesses need to ensure that they’re staying up with the trends and updating the necessary changes in their website to stay in the game.

    You will need to ensure that buttons, navigation menu, product images, text, and graphics; are on all these website elements.

  5. Make Product Discovery Easier

    You should prioritize making your website easily navigable so that your customers are able to discover your products.

    Shopify’s customization functionality allows you to easily sort your products into different categories & subcategories based on your preferences. Make sure you’re not missing out on one of the most important features that support your product discovery: the search box!

    The search box feature helps customers save a lot of their time, and this way, you’re making it easy for your company. Using product tags is also a good practice that you should follow for your products to get discovered easily by your audience.

  6. Set Up Your Website Using Apps

    Shopify offers a range of apps that make web building seamless and effortless for its users.

    For every section of the app, whether it is product discovery, shopping cart, lead generation page, or even customer support, there are apps provided by the platform that you can use to build your website.

    Apps make the process of creating a website easier and more efficient. Besides that, it provides a great user experience and helps you build a better website.

    You don’t need to worry much about searching for the right apps when you hire Shopify experts for developing your website.

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  7. Focus On Features Supporting Conversions

    One of the effective ways to get higher conversions is by connecting to your customer, and the best way you can do this is through social media and email marketing.

    Adding features such as social media buttons and an email sign-up bar allows you to connect to your audience. You can direct traffic towards the social media subpages of the website by placing a social media button in the right place.

    Making your brand more trustworthy and reliable for your customers is easier when you have a social media presence. Don’t forget to take advantage of the email sign-up bar to ensure you’re making the most of your email marketing strategies.

  8. Fast Loading Pages


    Everyone hates slow-loading websites. None of your customers would like to visit your website if your web pages take forever to load.

    Research by Google showed that the chance resulted in 90% bounce rates when page load time was around five seconds which shows how important it is for your business to ensure its web pages are loading faster.

    Following are the practices you can follow to avoid slow-loading pages:

    Compressing Image Files: You can use various tools to reduce and compress images, allowing your sites to load faster. Apps like Image Optimiser, Crush.Pics etc. can help you compress images without compromising on the quality.

    Remove Unnecessary Apps: Having your website filled with apps and widgets is only going to use the unnecessary space on your website resulting in slow-loading pages,

    Avoid Third-Party Themes: Using third-party themes can also increase the loading times of your web pages as they’re bloated with unnecessary apps.

    If you are unable to speed up your Shopify eCommerce store, it is a good idea to look for agencies offering Shopify Speed Optimization Service. They will help you speed up your eCommerce store which results in increasing sales & revenue.

  9. Making Use Of Right Color Combinations

    Color Combinations

    Choosing the right color for your website is important to assure your web elements, and using a color wheel can help you select the right combination.

    Using the right contrast and combination of colors can help you enhance your overall website’s visual appearance and interestingly showcase your products.

    Haven’t you heard that most businesses use the color blue, associated with feelings like trust, reliability, and quality?

    In the same way, different colors have their own identity, so make sure you’re doing some research to know more about colors and then decide which color will be good for your website.

  10. Use Buy Now Pay Later Options

    Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) options are one of the popular payment options that people use these days when they want to purchase any goods online and through brick-and-mortar stores.

    This option lets people buy whatever they want with a limited budget. It allows them to pay for the same either over a specified period in the form of installments or maybe after a certain duration.

    By offering BNPL, you give your customers a flexible payment option, allowing them to choose what works best for them. To provide the BNPL feature on your website, you can use apps like Afterpay, Shop pay, Clearpay, etc.

Bonus Tip – Don’t Ignore the CTA Buttons

Buttons are just as important as any other elements when discussing the website. CTA buttons are important as they will direct the person to take a particular action like filling out a form or signing up etc.

Some popular CTA buttons are added to the cart, download, subscribe, etc.

Without the right CTA buttons, users may not know what steps to take to purchase a product or sign up for a newsletter, and they are likely to leave without completing their goal.

What Profitable Shopify Stores Have in Common?

Above, we understood some of the ways one can enhance their Shopify Store’s design, and now we will discuss some common practices profitable Shopify stores take care of while running their business online.

  1. Faster Web Pages

    We discussed earlier how a slow-loading website can affect your business and how you will miss many customers and opportunities to generate revenue due to high bounce rates. Most profitable companies that do well online have a fast loading speed of their website, contributing to their growth. Keeping their websites audited regularly, these companies ensure their website speed doesn’t reduce over time.

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  2. Good Color Combinations

    The role of color in web design is not just to increase the website’s visual appearance. It increases brand recognition, highlights essential website elements, and influences people’s feelings about a website. The profitable companies understand well how various colors evoke different emotions in people, so they consider taking care of this and using the right color on their website.

  3. When you have an organized navigation pattern on your website it acts as a road map that directs your visitors and customers towards various sections of pages. Shopify stores that are profitable never ignore this aspect of the website, since their navigation menus are designed in such a way that they encourage visitors to stay on the site for longer periods of time, which then results in the visitors becoming customers.

  4. Easy Product Discovery

    An organized navigation pattern on your website acts as a road map that directs your visitors and customers toward various sections of pages. Shopify stores that are profitable never ignore this aspect of the website since their navigation menus are designed to encourage visitors to stay on the site for extended periods, resulting in the visitors becoming customers.

  5. High-Quality Images

    It is important to use high-quality images on your website to engage users and encourage them to stay longer on it. High-quality images increase conversion rates by attracting more users to your website. Bounce rates are reduced by quality images, resulting in increased traffic as well. Then it’s no wonder that all the profitable Shopify stores are making use of high-quality images.

  6. Direct Call To Action

    It is important to use high-quality images on your website to engage users and encourage them to stay longer on it. High-quality images increase conversion rates by attracting more users to your website. Bounce rates are reduced by quality images, resulting in increased traffic as well. Then it’s no wonder that all the profitable Shopify stores use high-quality images.

  7. Auto Suggestion Bar

    The work of the auto-suggestion bar is to recommend search queries when a user types in the search box. Top companies use this helpful feature to enhance their customers’ user experience by developing product suggestions before even the product name has been typed. The search bar also fixes the misspelling and supports product discovery as well.

  8. Social Proof

    Social proof generally refers to the number of people who have already purchased the product and their experience with the company’s product or service. Brands can confidently encourage new ones to buy from them by integrating social proof throughout the customer journey, whether testimonials, customer reviews, or feedback.

  9. Highlights The Brand’s Products

    Top companies focus on branding their products effectively to attract the attention of their customers. They make sure that their products are visually appealing. So most website design and elements are customized in how the company’s products are at the center of attraction.

  10. Easy To Use Filters

    Top companies focus on branding their products effectively to attract the attention of their customers. They make sure that their products are visually appealing. So most website design and elements are customized in how the company’s products are at the center of attraction.

Some Examples of Great Shopify Designs



Aldo is a clothing and fashion brand that has a great eCommerce website in terms of website design. The store features a modern and stylish design that complements its products. From a good navigation menu to a custom grid on the website perfectly showcases the brand’s products and provides a good user experience to its visitors.



The store’s minimal design and colors make the web design straightforward, elegant, and user-friendly. The social media icons and the email sign-up bar are also perfectly placed with a big footer at the end. Also, the web design has given justice to the overall product outlook as they can showcase high-quality product images well.

World Of Dates

World Of Dates

The company has provided a good user experience to its visitors. The website’s color scheme compliments the products and overall outlook of the store. The company has also taken care of the product discovery aspect with its easy-to-access filters and navigation menu. In addition to its visual appeal, the mobile version of the site has the same look as the desktop version.



Petlux is a renowned eCommerce brand that sells pet food and all related accessories to pets. The eCommerce store is heaven for all dog and cat owners as they can find the best-related products. The best part of the pet eCommerce store is that the store has taken care of all aspects you would expect from a good Shopify eCommerce store. With a great user experience and a perfectly balanced color scheme to complement the brand’s product line, Petlux is the ideal online store in terms of web design.



Magic Spoon is a great example of a Shopify eCommerce store that knows how to make the best use of high-quality images that perfectly blend with the design’s color patterns and the products. Along with delivering a great taste, they have also made sure their products are visually appealing and can be accessed properly by their customers.

Wrapping Up The Context

Shopify lets all of the users easily develop a great eCommerce website filled with all the necessary features they want, but to make a website that incorporates all of the elements in terms of the web design and features, you will require assistance from someone who has good experience with the same.

However, you don’t have to worry, we at Huptech Web are here for you to provide the assistance you will need. You have access to some of the best Shopify experts when you Hire Shopify Developer with us. We can help you to create a website for your business that has all the necessary features, along with having the store’s web design taken care of.

Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker is the founder and CEO of Huptech Web, an eCommerce development and marketing firm that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. His unique writing tips give startups and well-known brands a palpable action plan full of innovation unmatched.

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