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That’s our design & development philosophy! We keep our design and development efforts laser-focused on boosting your sales.

Who We Are

We're a web
agency that's
more than a web

How are we different? How are we more than a typical web agency? Here’s how!

We Evolve. And that’s how we empower businesses.
The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and to truly make an impact, we’ve chosen to challenge the status quo of typical web agencies. We learn, we adapt, and that’s how we help our clients grow.
We’re proud to say that Huptech Web has always been right in the middle of the digital transformation!
We carve a path for businesses to embrace this digital shift by building robust and agile e-commerce websites. We’ve helped 120+ businesses build a dedicated client base for their products, which led them to unimaginable growth in sustainable revenue.
76% of our clients have hired us more than once and trusted us with their web presence, digital and social media marketing.
Now that repeat ratio alone, sets us apart from the typical web agencies!


Satisfied Cilents


Clientele Revenue


Repeat Ratio


Great Mind Set

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We Stand by Our Values

Our core values form the very foundation of our organization, representing what we stand for and driving our empowering culture. They are the unifying force that binds our team together, ensuring that we function as a cohesive whole while we build our dreams.

Diversity & Inclusivity

We believe that organizations succeed when there is equal opportunity for all. Therefore, Huptech celebrates diversity, shares different cultures and experiences, and ensures an effortless atmosphere of respect, dignity, and acceptance.

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Strong Ethics

Building a strong ethical culture is at the core of our decision-making process. It helps the team make ethical choices and helps conduct business with integrity.

Digital Accountablity

The ethical foundation drives our team to be digitally responsible and build trust internally and externally. Therefore, safeguarding client data and information and making responsible innovations are of utmost importance to us.

Excellence & Integrity

Maintaining high standards, living up to our client's expectations, and providing quality solutions make Huptech what it is. We believe in providing top-notch services and take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Passion and innovation

Being bold, creative, and innovative are the core pillars of our work values. Our team strives to develop ‘out of the box' ideas and works passionately to provide our clients with unique digital solutions.

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Founder’s Story

Every founder has an inspiring tale to tell, and our founder is no different.

Rishi started Huptech Web within 9 months of graduating, thinking of it as the only way to use his potential optimally.

Being a one-man team, he handled one project at a time. But his result-driven approach soon made an impact and changed that.

Huptech was not even a year old when Rishi started hiring to satisfy the volume of clients.

His zest for technology has led Huptech Web to become one of India’s best e-commerce development companies.

Today, after 6 years of inception, Rishi successfully leads a team of 30+ people.

Being a tech enthusiast, he has always provided an environment of learning and growth at Huptech.

His enthusiasm to take equal strides with the ever-evolving world of technology made him move out of his comfort zone. And that’s how Huptech Web became an e-commerce development and digital marketing company from being a web designing company.

Rishi Thakker

Chief Everything Officer

Meet Our Family

Vidhi Thakker

HR Manager

Abhishek Shukla

Bussiness Development Manager

Parin Panjari

Project Manager

Dhaval Pankhaniya

Shopify Team Lead

Mitin Prajapati

Front End Team Lead

Anwer Kadri

UI/UX Team Lead

Yash Vyas

Social & Paid Marketing Team Lead

Wanna See Your Self Here?

Our Cultural Conduct

We are committed to our team and believe it’s our responsibility to give them extensive experience while they are with us.

We Empower

We empower our people by offering learning resources, a stimulating environment, and challenging responsibilities. We create opportunities to excel in their field.

We Experiment

Creativity is the soul of any business, and we keep that spark alive. We don’t shy away from experimenting, and clients love that about us!

We Reward

We never fall short of appreciation for our people. Recognizing their skills and contribution through rewards remains a constant at Huptech.

We Celebrate

Whether it’s a project’s success, special days, or festivals, we love to celebrate! Maintaining a good work-life balance is a norm at Huptech.

Life at Huptech web

We Love

We Dislike

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Join 250+ global brands that trust us with their online presence.

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