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Ways To Create a Great eCommerce Customer Experience


Businesses today are always looking for ways to improve themselves to grow their revenues.

Be it their marketing strategies or products, they always try to innovate themselves to stay one step ahead of their competition.

All these activities that businesses conduct or participate aim towards providing a better value to customers.

Not just their product to outrank their competitors; businesses have to make sure they’re making extra efforts to make sure they can create a good customer experience as a business from every end.

Providing a good user experience is crucial for the success of not just online stores but also online eCommerce stores.
Today, in this article, we will discuss how you can create an outstanding eCommerce customer experience as a business.

What Is The eCommerce Customer Experience(ECX)?

eCommerce Customer Experience

Customer experience refers to all touchpoints, engagements, thoughts, or feelings between your brand and your customer as experienced by them. A customer’s experience includes everything from their first contact with your brand to their final decision to discontinue doing business with you. Regardless of the industry, customers will follow through the same process, with different needs based on their circumstances. Hence, to fulfill their needs, they will look for the necessary support they expect the business to provide them.

eCommerce Customer Experience(ECX) vs User Experience(UX)

eCommerce Customer Experience Vs User Experience

Although these terms may seem related, they are not similar and have differences. When we talk about an eCommerce customer experience, we refer to everything between your brand and the customer. When we talk about a user experience, we are talking about the functional aspects and aspects that make up this overall experience. Hence, the user experience process focuses on ensuring that the customer can accomplish the tasks they intended to accomplish as efficiently as possible, such as accessing content or making purchases on a site.

When a customer has a bad experience with your website accessibility or cannot perform any functions available for their ease, it may create a bad reputation for your brand in their mind. Because of this, even the smallest glitch or issue faced along the way can cause their experience to derail completely. These UX-related issues can permanently turn your customers off, whether it’s ugly design, slow loading times, broken links, or something else. For a streamlined and optimized user experience, it’s imperative to understand how important proper eCommerce customer experience management is. However, this will allow your customers to submerge themselves in the brand experience fully you’d like them to get.

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What is eCommerce Customer Experience Management?

ECX Management

eCommerce customer experience management is the process of establishing and keeping complete control over your eCommerce customers’ interactions with your company. Through proper ECX management, you can be prepared to deliver what the customer needs at any given moment, even ensuring your team will never scramble to deliver as expected to a customer in need. Good ECX management means you will always go above and beyond for your customers, no matter what that may entail.

Through frameworks and structures, ECX management ensures that customers are supported while they achieve their goals. Also, when your customers face a challenge or a setback, you’ll need to deliver some added value to re-engage your struggling or hesitant customer and get them back on their path to success.

Every interaction matters to craft a good customer experience (CX), from the emails you send to the customer support software you use and your engagement on social media to how customers experience your online store. Luckily, you don’t have to spend tons of money on developers and applications to provide a more customer-centric experience; hiring an eCommerce Web Development can get you sorted with it.

Why Does eCommerce Customer Experience Matter?

For businesses to be able to withdraw money from the pocket of their customers, they should be able to create trust in the mind of their customers that every time they reach your business, they’ll be getting solutions to their problems. Hence businesses have to constantly deliver value to their customers at every point, which leads them to trust you as a reliable brand. Hence, they will start engaging with you regularly. When they keep receiving value from your business, the frequency will increase, and chances are more of them converting into loyal customers.

The enhanced customer experience can also become its Unique Selling Proposition (USP); ultimately, it is a business able to create a good impression in the minds of the customers that they can deliver the best customer experience in their industry. You must ensure that your business delivers an outstanding customer experience if you want to succeed.

How to Improve Your eCommerce Customer Experience?

Customer Experience on eCommerce

Now after understanding the importance of having an outstanding eCommerce Customer Experience, a question arises of how a business can enhance the UX of its eCommerce website. Businesses can adopt various solutions and ways to improve eCommerce customer experience. The mentioned ways of customer experience enhancing solutions are very effective and implies to all types of eCommerce stores regardless of industry. There are certain things that you need to consider before starting to improve your eCommerce store, which are mentioned below

  • Conduct Design and user experience audit of all the pages on the website.
  • Lookout for flaws in your website that can result in a bad customer user experience.
  • Understand the journey of customers purchasing from your websites through tools.
  • Understand how much your customers are engaging with your brand and products.
  • Checkout for the errors in functionality and features of the website related to UX.
  • Take feedback from your customers about their experience with the brand.
  • Make use of tools for accurate eCommerce customer experience analysis.
  • Create a list of questions and circulate a survey among your customers to know their opinion.
  • Use heat mapping, session replay, funnel and form analytics, and even custom-triggered user feedback surveys to understand your customers’ behavior.
We Help You Create A Great ECommerce Store Experience

Effective Ways to Create a Superb eCommerce Customer Experience

Having done all the mentioned things above, now let us move forward to know what are some of the effective ways to create an outstanding eCommerce Customer experience.

Create Advanced And Intuitive UX

Businesses need to make sure that their eCommerce store provides a good UX to their website visitors and customers who are visiting their website. Suppose businesses cannot provide a user-friendly experience to their customers or website visitors. In that case, it may happen that they may not be able to engage your site as needed, and there are higher chances that they’re only hitting the back button.

Your website’s design should be intuitive to have a good UX, and it must have clear navigation and concise direction, which will ease your users’ ability to operate your website. For a website to have a good UX, it must also ensure that it is optimized to be used on multiple devices like mobile, PC, tablets, etc., as people will be accessing your website from different devices. Also, you need to ensure your customer has a good experience with the purchase process, which again will be important when purchasing from you.

Appeal To The Customer’s Senses and Emotions

One of the best ways to make your customer truly immerse your customers in your brand’s digital experience is to create a good visual appeal and win over their emotions. One of the drawbacks of the online business is that you can provide your customer with the experience of physical touch, so it can be challenging for you to portray to your customers how great your product is. Although technology has evolved very much in current times, it has somehow created solutions to the same problem, where you may still not be able to provide your customer with the experience of physical touch, but they can still be convinced.

With the help of Augmented reality and Virtual Reality technology, businesses can bring the digital experience to life in the eyes of customers. By incorporating taste, touch, and smell into your content, you can provide visitors with a sensual experience. High-quality photographs, videos, and other multimedia content are the key to eliciting specific emotions from your online customers.

Focus On Building Great Product Pages

Product pages are a vital part of any eCommerce store running online. You must also ensure that your product and collection pages are properly categorized. Including a search bar on your website makes it easy for users to navigate your products easily. Usually, a product page includes all the potential information customers want about the product to help push them toward purchasing without overwhelming them with its information. You can use high-quality images and explainer videos about your products to engage your potential customers’ senses.

To help potential customers visualize how your product could benefit them, use lifestyle images, textures, and visuals showing customers using your product. The copy on your product pages is equally critical to engaging potential customers and ensuring a positive customer experience. You must write an interesting copy that evokes your customer’s emotions and a detailed description of the product’s features to help potential consumers imagine how the solution may solve their specific problem.

Go For The OmniChannel Approach

While including OmniChannel isn’t just a tip to include in your strategies, it’s utmost necessary! The ability to provide your customers with an omnichannel experience, where they can engage with your brand however they choose, across any channel or device, is not exactly possible. User experience is dramatically improved when brands allow users to interact with them through numerous channels, not only across products and services but also by allowing them to act on product or service prompts, making each encounter more intuitive and straightforward.

If your customers are scattered across different platforms, it will become important for you to be active on all those channels to make sure you’re not missing customers. It’s also important to take full advantage of every channel your brand is active on and stay updated on how these channels evolve. Therefore, one of the most important things you need to ensure is that the information flowing through your multiple channels is centralized. Maintaining your CRM and other integrated tools will prevent your customers from experiencing a redundant experience and ensure they always stay updated.

Personalizing And Tailored Solutions

Your business needs to personalize the eCommerce customer experience to succeed. Your capacity to customize the eCommerce consumer experience, like other aspects of eCommerce, is always developing. The simplest customer relations practices, such as addressing them by name and providing basic product recommendations, are now considered standard procedures.

eCommerce personalization today aims to offer tailored content and promotions to each customer at every stage of their purchase cycle, based on the actions and circumstances of that customer. In marketing, timing has always been everything. Now that you can get ultra-granular with the timing of your messages missing all these will only result in your competitors outranking you. Hence the more personalized and tailored your solutions will be, the better customer experience you will be able to deliver to your customers.

Proactive And Response Support/Engagement

Most of the time, businesses that are responsive to their customers and able to solve their queries and concerns immediately can deliver a good user experience to their customers. The business uses newsletters and text messages to reach, which is one of the best ways to send personalized solutions in the form of services focused on solving problems and thus can also lead to a sale.

Customers will engage with businesses that can provide suggestions or prompts about how to do so. In the same way, your customers will require assistance at various points along their journey to success, so you need to be prepared to provide them with the help they require. To be proactive in delivering the necessary support at all times is the best course of action.

Businesses also use their Chatbots and live chat features to quickly resolve issues. Hence, this way, your customers can help themselves concerning more common issues, which will again result in your customer support team having more time and resources to focus on the more intense issues your customers may be facing. Most of the time, when your team steps in and provides hands-on customer support to your customer wherever they may need help makes a difference in the customer’s eyes, especially when forged during times of uncertainty. Your customer service team must treat your struggling customers with speed and kindness for your brand to move forward.

Payment Options

Providing your customers with options when it comes to payment is another very important aspect of a good customer experience for a business. It would be best if you considered providing your customer with different payment methods. It’s not every time your customer uses the most popular options like credit cards or mobile payments, and hence provides them with certain options that they can use for themselves. Now, you don’t necessarily need to offer all types of payment methods; you should be able to identify the methods your customers prefer, and that will provide a secure and seamless checkout process across the board.

You should also consider the payment plans you provide your consumers or those they could be interested in in the future. Allowing your consumers to pay when convenient for them can also help them convert and stay with you. Also, allowing your customer to purchase products on EMI, Pre Purchasing, and many similar options can prove to be a competitive advantage, which will again attract many more customers who will buy your products.

BOPIS & Other Fulfillment Options

BOPIS is certainly for the eCommerce stores that also operate through their physical stores in the offline market. BOPIS is the acronym for Buy Online, Pick up in store. Even other similar fulfillment options have proved to be beneficial for both customers as well as businesses. One of the key advantages both parties have with BOPIS is that they don’t need to worry about shipping charges or other related fees.

When we consider the benefits to customers, they can quickly get items by going to the stores and checking how they are physical. On the other end, considering businesses’ benefits, they will be able to sell customers other related products just when they enter their store. It is important for the eCommerce team to continually rethink the process of returns as customer expectations and processes change. It is ideal for minimizing the need for returns and ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible for your customers and your team. It also ensures each return leads to an even greater exchange of value in the future.

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How to Measure Overall Customer Experience

One of the best ways to improve your overall customer experience is to also measure it. Even though you have followed all the suggested ways to enhance the customer experience of your eCommerce store, that doesn’t mean that you will get it done with it. One of the ways to check whether the activities that you have conducted to improve your overall customer experience are performing well is to measure them. There are three ways through which you can measure the your customer experience:

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

CSAT is a popular measurement tool marketers use to measure customer satisfaction with a specific product or service. It gives you a score indicating how satisfied a customer is with a specific product, transaction, or interaction with a company. Businesses directly interact with relevant customers and ask them to rate events, products, and services to measure customer satisfaction. It is usually communicated through one or more channels to the customer in the form of a survey.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is another measurement tool that measures or scales customer loyalty and satisfaction. Customers are asked to rate your service on a scale of 0-10 to determine your net promoter score. Unlike customer satisfaction scores, ongoing customer relationships are better measured than a single experience.

Customer Retention & Loyalty

Customer retention and loyalty are among the best measures to evaluate your eCommerce customer experience, as retained and loyal customers are a sign that their experience with your business is good, which is why they keep coming towards you. Creating emotional connections, building trust, anticipating needs, and improving retention are all critical ingredients in driving brand loyalty, and these are only achieved through the best customer experience.

Wrapping Up The Whole Context

Taking care of the above suggestions can help your business create a tremendous overall eCommerce customer experience. After successfully handling all the essential steps to improve and fix issues leading to a bad UX, you will soon be able to see how effective the results are while building a loyal customer base for your business.
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Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker

Rishi Thakker is the founder and CEO of Huptech Web, an eCommerce development and marketing firm that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. His unique writing tips give startups and well-known brands a palpable action plan full of innovation unmatched.

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